Metallic Epoxy

Did you find any picture on the internet of a unique and elegant floor or seen the same in a restaurant or show room? You must be wondering what material is being used and who is the right applicator.

3D Metallic epoxy is a special multi-layered epoxy floor coating system that uses metallic additives mixed into a clear epoxy coating. The metallic powder continues to move through the epoxy and creates pearlescent, three dimensional and swirly design making each floor truly unique.

Our Metallic Additives come in different colors and thereby allowing endless amounts of creativity and personalization.

What are the advantages of a metallic epoxy floor?
Metallic epoxy floors in UAE have many advantages and can meet all your performance needs. These coatings are not just aesthetically pleasing but are extremely durable, low yellowing, antimicrobial, slip and heat resistant, and chemical resistant. They are extremely easier to clean and maintain than an uncoated surface.

The life expectancy of these floors have made them the right choice for any space. These floors are lower cost in comparison to other options, installation with minimal disturbance and inconvenience. Our unique color schemes and artistic abilities of our professionals will transform any room into a completely new world.

Unlimited Colors, Designs, Textures and Patterns. Contact Vanity Technical Services LLC to customize and get your dream unique floor today !!

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