Floor Screeding

A Screed is a layer of well compacted mixture of cement and aggregates that are applied to a concrete surface to provide a leveled surface for the floor finish. This process might sound simple, but there is a lot more to screeding than spreading the mixture. The entire base should be prepared to result in a rough surface to prepare for bonding. Floor Screeding work is one of the most vital steps in flooring that plays a major role in ensuring the quality, finish and durability of the entire flooring. It forms the base for the floor finish and greatly influences its performance.

How a Successful Screed Floor can be Constructed?

  • Choose right and suitable screed service provider like vanity technical services LLC
  • Prepare right floor screed mixture.
  • Construct floor screed by the correct placement process.
  • Consider right approaches for floor screed protection.

Getting your screed right is not easy. But it is quite easy to get it all wrong. It should be carried out with attention to the minor details. If you have any queries regarding floor screeding service or for assistance please feel free to contact us.

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