Expansion Joint

Expansion Joints which allows the movement between two concrete, are basically the joint between the walls and concrete slabs. They are designed to absorb expansion and contraction of structure. When forklift and heavy trolleys goes over the joints, it creates damages to the Expansion joints and ruin forklift tyres. Don’t allow standing water to remain on your expansion joints for too long. Always remove water so it doesn’t penetrate below cracks and under your concrete floor slabs.

If you have your expansion joints installed, and needs to be repaired by a professional company that specializes in expansion joint work, Vanity Technical Services LLC repair & waterproof expansion joints in parking decks and ramps, driveways, highway, bridge approaches, stadiums and industrial flooring. It is equally effective in sealing horizontal joints in sidewalks, terraces, pedestrian plazas and malls, patios, swimming pool decks, parking lots etc.

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